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Mechanical Department

Strategic Priorities
To provide excellent quality of supply and quality of service to our customers.

Priority 1: SERVICE
To provide a service to all department’s within the municipality through the fleet management system of
• Vehicle Acquisition
• Vehicle assignment
• Fuel Card Management
• Accident Management
• Replacement Planning
• Operator / Driver Training
• Vehicle Maintenance & Repair
• Parts Procurement and Supply
• Vehicle Operation
• Mechanic Supervision
• Motor Pool Management
• Outsourcing
• Vehicle Utilization Control
• Vehicle Selection / Specification
• Licensing and Titling
• Vehicle Disposal
• Mileage Reimbursement
• Routing and Scheduling

Priority 2: PEOPLE
• To ensure that there is a Performance Management system in place
• To ensure that our people receive training in customer centricity
• To ensure we have the right people at the right place
• To provide continuous professional training and development
• To ensure we provide staff security
• To ensure we provide a work environment that complies to all SHEQ requirements

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