Cllr. N.N.G Mahlaba

Mayor of Newcastle KZN


It is with humility and unwavering commitment that I have accepted to serve the people of Newcastle, coincidentally it is in the year where our country celebrates the 25thanniversary of its democratically elected government. This also coincides with the general elections where as a country we have the opportunity to continue to define the type of governance that we want, as well as evaluate the type of service we have been able to provide as a government to the people. We can say with confidence that  the lives of our people are much better than what they were 25years ago, the children of the African majority have better and increased access to education, while government has subsidized and built over 4 million houses since 1994.The infrastructural development projects were extended beyond the urban areas, with more roads still being constructed and maintained by the current regime.

This does not negate the need for us to focus on ensuring that services are fully made available to every citizen. The commitment to ensure that access to water and decent housing is extended to all our people remains a priority. We remain committed to increased access to primary healthcare to ensure that there is no further unnecessary loss of life. To ensure this, we will engage in conversations with both possible private partners and the MEC of Health in KwaZulu Natal, to request further assistance in the provision of emergency services vehicles and personnel in our locality. Refuse collection and dignified sanitation facilities are the responsibility of government, our commitment will not be waivered. While some communities have benefited from these services,  the commitment of government is that they must be enjoyed by all of our people.

Working together with our communities, as this municipality we will work tirelessly to ensure that the Eskom related challenges are put to complete rest, and we applaud the response from both business and private citizens that continue to honor the commitment to settle their electricity dept. This will assist the municipality to focus more resources on ensuring that we are able to assist in supplying full electrification of every household, while ensuring that all other basic services are provided without compromise.

We will move with the necessary speed in creating the environment to be conducive for the creation of employment for the youth, first by implementing the removal of the experience requirement in all entry level posts within our Municipality. While this is a progressive step by our government, we understand that the solution does not simple rest in employment opportunities but in creating an environment conducive for the development of youth entrepreneur’s. In our locality we will ensure that the municipality adopts  a minimum quota of at least 30% of its business to youth owned companies. We will find opportunities for social developmental partnerships, enter into intergovernmental conversations in order to develop well functional and sustainable township economy where local youth founded and led businesses are able to thrive. We will look into development of particular business sectors, and this will ensure that our young people become employers and have opportunities to develop further in the future to enter into the mainstream economy.

Our people no longer want any excuses from us, they want us to serve them with honesty and dignity, where we have failed we must account and correct our failures,this is the standard of excellence we expect from every municipal official. We must be driven by the principles of Bantu Pile at all times.

In his State of the Nation Address President Cyril Ramaphosa said:

“This year, as a diverse people we will celebrate the triumph of freedom over subjugation, the triumph of democracy over racial tyranny, the triumph of hope over despair.  We will celebrate the irresistible determination of an oppressed people to be free, equal and fulfilled.

We will use this time to recall the hardship and the suffering which generations of our people endured their struggles, their sacrifices and their undying commitment to build a South Africa that belongs to all who live in it.”  PresidentCyrilRamaphosa2019StateoftheNationAddress

Let us all work together in growing Newcastle

Lets grow South Africa together.