Temporary Deviation and Road Closures Due To Road Resealing

Temporary Deviation and Road Closures Due To Road Resealing

Notice: Contractors working on behalf of and under supervision of the Newcastle Municipality – Road Resealing.

Construction and repairs may result in temporary deviations and road closures during construction works. Areas that have been identified are as follows:

  1. Lennoxton – Loxton Street – 29 – 31 October 2018
  2. Panorama – Completed 26 October 2018
  3. Riverside Indistrial – Edison road & Portion Marconi – 29-31 October 2018
  4. Asiphen Drive – Completion – 29-30 October 2018
  5. Madadeni – MD 33 – 30-06 November 2018

Pothole Repair
Currently our internal teams are concentrating in the CBD area and the following streets are attended to:
Harding Street
Sutherland Street
York Street
Murchison Street

Street Cleaning
Allen Street between Albert Wessels and Magnolia Street – 29-02 November 2018

Storm Water Systems
Any reported blockages will be attended to immediately

Special Note: Please note all resealing operations has stopped due to Contractors pay week end. Work will recommence on Monday, 29 October 2018.
The above work will be carried out during normal working hours and is subject to availability of materials and weather conditions. Motorists and cautioned to drive safely during this process.