Save Water Tips

“Saving water is not an event, but a lifestyle”

• Close the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth.
• Make sure that the tap is closed after you have finished using it.
• Do not feel up the bathtub to the top when taking a bath.
• When you use a bathtub for bathing, it takes from 80 to 180 litres of water to fill. Use a shower so that water will not be wasted.
• When cooking do not fill the pot with water as this wastes water.
• Ensure that leaking toilet cisterns and pipes anywhere in the house are fixed, this can curb the loss of 100 000 litres of water.
• Only flush the toilet when it is necessary.
• When washing your motor vehicle, use a bucket instead of a hose pipe.

The community is encouraged to report water and sanitation related queries/problems, by call our 24 hour call centre – on 0860 144 144, in order to get help.

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