Road Safety Tips

The festive season and summer holidays are synonymous with excitement and it’s accompanied by lack of effective concentration. Danger and harm becomes imminent when people lose focus.  

This period becomes a challenge for the Traffic Department when pedestrians and drivers do not work harmoniously in following simple road safety rules. For this reason traffic officers, will be displaying their zero tolerance approach to ensure the safety of all road users. To make this season a joyous one, the public should make sure they are responsible and safe at all times and more vigilant.

The following precautions will save you from getting a traffic fine, a jail sentence or losing your life
Ensure that as a driver:
1. You carry the necessary documents (driver’s license, prdp as the case maybe)
2. Your vehicle documents are valid
3. The vehicle is roadworthy and you conduct regular inspections
4. You are in a sound and sober state when driving.
5. You have plenty rest.
6.  You are not distracted with communication devices or passengers.
7. You obey the rules of the road and be courteous at all times.
8. Apply the k53 driving standards like you did when you went for your driver license test.

as a pedestrian:
• Be highly visible at all times.
• Adhere to the road rules.
• Walk briskly and avoid being distracted when crossing the road.
• Look out for vehicles and other dangers.
• Be patient and courteous.

The Newcastle Municipality’s Traffic Department wishes you a merry Christmas and a safe and productive new YEAR.