Public Participation Unit

The Public Participation Unit under The Newcastle Municipality have, in line with the Ward Committee Operation plan coordinated and facilitated the Ward Committee Portfolio meetings commencing today the 4th of November to the 13thof November at the Council Chambers .

The purpose of these meetings is to create a direct communication between the council portfolio committees and the ward committee operations portfolios.  This will assist in ensuring that ward committee views, aspirations and inputs are considered by the council portfolio committees and the reports on the implementation progress are presented to ward committees.

The expected stakeholders are as follows:

  • Public participation unit
  • Council portfolio committee members
  • Department heads
  • Ward committee members serving in their respective portfolios.


The 2019 Portfolio Meetings are scheduled as follows:


4 November 2019 Financial Sustainability Council Chambers 09h00 am
5 November 2019 Infrastructure and Service Delivery Council Chambers 09h00 am
6 November 2019 Social Development Council Chambers 09h00 am
7 November 2019 Municipal Planning and Environment Council Chambers 09h00 am
8 November 2019 Municipal Transformation and Governance Council Chambers 09h00 am


The expected outcome of these meetings is to establish a structural analysis in terms of basic service delivery and the developmental needs of the citizens of Newcastle.  In the absence of the Constituency meetings, the portfolio meetings will provide a grass-root planning platform which will focus on the importance of information gathering that is essential for both strategic and budget priorities.

Municipal departments are expected to do presentations on their respective department programs in connection with service delivery.