Proposed Outage for the Newcastle Municipality Licenced Areas

Proposed Outage for the Newcastle Municipality Licenced Areas.

Fibre optic is used to communicate between substations for protection purposes. We’ve lost communication between Townlands Substation, New Central A Substation and Glen Substation thus protection of lives and equipment is endangered.

Emergency work is urgently required to replace a damaged fibre optic cable so as to restore communications.
This is a step which is boldly taken by the department, as to prevent damage to our equipment and curb outages.
The proposed outage will occur on Sunday the 11th of September 2016 from 05h00 till 10h00.
Please treat all electrical apparatus as live at all times.

All enquiries should be forwarded to the Engineering Technician Mr P H Ramparsadh at Tel 034-3121296 .Fax 0343129697
Yours Faithfully

Mr L Zincume
SED Electrical/Mechanical Services

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