The Newcastle Municipality is aware of the high municipal bills for consumers in Lennoxton, Fernwood, Paradise and Central. The high municipal bills are as a result of averaged meter readings for the month of July municipal bills, which was in turn as a result of staff shortages due to increased numbers of Covid-19 cases in the municipality. The averaging of meter readings was, unfortunately, unavoidable. The averaged meter readings are a computer generated estimate based on twelve (12) month meter readings. The aforementioned estimate was regrettably very low as it was based on mostly summer months’ consumption.

The August municipal bills are based on actual meter readings, which reflects winter consumption and also catches on the previous month’s lower estimate and hence the big jump in consumption units.

Furthermore, the municipal bills for the month of August are based on increased electricity and water tariffs for the 2020/2021 financial year.

To this end, should any of the consumers have difficulties in making the required payment for the municipal bills, such consumers are encouraged to visit the municipal offices to make payment arrangements.