Newcastle Municipality Customer Service Portal security


The public must be aware that the Newcastle Municipality’s Customer Service Portal will, at no point, leak any person’s private information. The portal is 100% security compliant in accordance with security standards including https encryption and PCI payment gateway.

The municipality would like to thank the 874 customers who registered on the portal in August and the further 994 customers who registered in the month of September. The portal is a sure way to access your municipal account, download your statement and even sign-up to automatically receive e-Statements via email.

The number of unique daily logins have increased from 1411 in August to 1956 in September. 1213 customers have downloaded their statements in September and 812 e-Statements were emailed in the month of September.

The municipality encourages customers to utilize the feedback form that allows for both technical and non-technical support. Customers can log queries, comments and report system bugs by clicking on the Support tab – on the side of the screen:


The municipality has received and addressed 33 queries in the month of August, and 117 queries in the month of September. Queries that have been received so far range from customer profile updates, linking of accounts, registration assistance and other account related queries that are related to the Revenue Section.

The Newcastle Municipality encourages the public to be careful at all times when utilizing any e-commerce sites. There is a technique called Phishing, where a user receives an email requesting that they confirm the account number, credit card details and login details.

Please be aware that the Newcastle Municipality will never ask you to confirm your personal information, credit card details, account details, login details or any other information in an email. Such an email should be reported to the municipality without hesitation.