Newcastle CBD Parking Management System


As of the 1st of July 2019, Newcastle Municipality rolled out a parking management solution throughout the CBD. The service provider, Traffic Management Systems, was awarded the bid, through a competitive bidding process, to successfully manage the parking woes experienced since 2009.

The advantages of the system to the public entail amongst others:

  1. Easy access to Business.
  2. Easy access to parking.
  3. Cash and card payment options as well as EFT payments through cellphone.
  4. A safer CBD.
  5. Less traffic congestion.
  6. Option of paying lower tariff at low density parking areas.
  7. Sustainable job opportunities.



  1. One can pre-plan their trip to the business hub by logging onto (Newcastle) and check for available parking spaces.
  2. When you identify a parking space, a well clad Parking Marshal will attend to you, equipped with a parking meter and printer.
  3. The marshal will then record your vehicle details.
  4. You must then tell the marshal how long you intend to use the bay. He/she will then print an electronic receipt which shows your vehicle licence number, the expiry time in bold and the parking fee. Should you exceed the time, then upon your return, you must pay the outstanding amount to the marshal.
  5. You then pay the tariff and display the issued receipt on the dashboard in a clearly visible manner, on the right hand side.
  6. One can pay cash or obtain a pre-paid cash card which can be topped up on the website or at the Marshals terminal. Marshals will have change available.
  7. The prescribed tariff for on- street parking (eg Allen, Scott, Voortrekker and Murchison Streets, being high density areas) is R4-00 per half hour and R8-00 per hour or part thereof. The off- street parking rate (ie OK Square, Central Car Park, Hellenic/ Homeaffairs etc) is R3-00 for half hour and R6-00 per hour or part thereof.
  8. Business owners or their employees may opt to pay a monthly tariff of R550-00 per month for a designated off-street parking space.


Enquiries may be referred to Community Safety, Traffic Services Admin:


Telephone (OH): 034 328 4703