National Water Week

Newcastle Municipality will be celebrating the National Water Week from the 16th of March to the 22nd of March. Water is a scarce resource and therefore we need constructive and innovative ideas to manage and conserve it. Hence we kindly invite you as an important stakeholder to participate in discussions regarding water conservation and demand management.

Four schools will be visited
• Nkululekweni at Dickss Halt 16-03 / 9h00
• Hlalaunolwazi Primary school 16-03 / 12h00
• Sizakancane in Blaaubosch 17-03 / 9h00
• Charlestown high School 18-03 / 10h00

Schools will be engaged in a competition to read a meter. The schools will be visited once a quarter to assess the progress. On the 4th quarter results will be compared and best performing school will be awarded with a certificate and a jojo tank for water harvesting.

Four townships will be visited
• Enyokeni 19-03 / 12h00
• KwaMathukuza 17-03 / 12h00
• KwaMakhanya 16-03 / 14h00
• Charlestown 18-03 / 12h00

The community will be addressed by speakers from different departments. Portfolio Chairperson; Health Agriculture, Environment; Traditional Leadership about the use of water and consequences of wasting it. A competition will be introduced aiming at water loss reductions as follows
• Four quarterly visits will be done to each area
• Reducing water loses through reporting at 0860 144 144
• Statistical analysis will be done in consultation with ward councillors
• The 4th quarter visit will be to award the certificate to the winning ward.

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