National Water Week – 2014

The Newcastle Municipality, under the theme, water is life, 20 years of water delivery for social and economic development, embarked on an educational water campaign which began from 17—23 March 2014. National Water Week is an awareness campaign by the Department of Water Affairs which serves as a powerful tool of re-iterating the value of water and the need for sustainable management.

The campaign started off with senior citizens being taken on an educational of the water treatment plants and carwashes with a high rate of water wastage were also visited. As the campaign moved forward households with reported water leakage were repaired. In addition, public areas were identified where the community at large was encouraged to engage in a dialogue with municipal water technicians on different methods as to how they can save water and the telephonic share call was made available to report water related or enquiries on 0860 144 144 as a method of encouraging the community to save water buckets were distributed.

The theme coincides with South Africa’s celebrations of 20 years of freedom and democracy. South Africans will also be encouraged to focus on the need to restore and preserve the integrity of this most precious resource which is water. In this campaign Newcastle Municipality also declared war against water leaks..

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