The Mayor of Newcastle to present budget speech and State of the Town address [Update]



[UPDATE : 26 March 2019]

The leadership of the Newcastle Municipality has taken a decision to postpone the State of the Town Address. This postponement will not affect the proper functioning of the municipal administration or any of the legislative functions required for the implementation of our service delivery objectives.
The Town Council will ensure that this continues to happen without any compromise .In the interest of public service and accountability the Town Council led by the Deputy Mayor will adopt the Draft Budget, Draft IDP with draft SDBIP for 2019/20 no later than Wednesday 27th March 2019 in line with MFMA Circular No.94. Shortly after the council will decide on the appropriate date for the SOTA.
The Municipality understands the concerns of the community regarding the Mayor’s arrest, please note we are not yet at liberty to communicate the matter as it is still subjudicare. We will continue to endeavour to provide quality service’s to the people of this town.
Let’s grow Newcastle together!

His worship The Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr. Dr NNG Mahlaba, will be presenting his budget speech and State of the Town address in respect of the 2019/20 financial year.
Date : 27 March 2019
Time : 17:00
Venue : Newcastle Farmers Hall
The public is invited to attend this event and must be seated by 16:30.

Isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha
Umhlonishwa umeya womkhandlu wase Newcastle, ukhansela Dokotela NNG Mahlaba uzokwethulela umkhandlu kanye nomphakathi isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha yonyaka 2019/20 .

Mhlaka : 27 Kundasa 2019
Isikhathi: 17:00
Indawo : Newcastle Farmers Hall
Umphakathi wonke uyamenywa, uyacelwa ukuthi maligamanxa ihora lesine ube usuhleli.

Begroting en stand van die dorpsrede
Die agbare burgemeester van Newcastle Munisipaliteit, Raadslid Dokter NNG Mahlaba, sal sy begrotingsrede ten opsigte van die 2019/20  finasiële jaar lewer.
Datum : 27 Maart 2019
Tyd : 17:00
Plek : Newcastle Skousaal
Die publiek word uitgenooi om die geleentheid by te woon en sitplekke in te neem teen 16:30.

New Newcastle Mayor sworn-in to office

“There is a new sheriff in town …” these were the opening remarks by the newly elected Mayor of Newcastle, at a special council meeting held on the 1stof March 2019 at the Newcastle Council chamber.

The election of the Mayor comes after the sudden resignation of Former Mayor Advocate Makhosini Nkosi who left office in January this year. Before his election as Mayor, Dr NNG Mahlaba was sworn-in as a PR Councillor in October last year, then nominated as an EXCO member by the ANC councillors.  

During his inauguration Mayor Mahlaba promised the citizens of Newcastle a much needed change in service delivery. He said that regardless of the fact that Council is made up of different political parties, each and every councillor should remember why they were elected to be there in the first place. 

“We all have one goal and that is to serve the Community of Newcastle and that is what we are going to do, People of Newcastle are not interested in squabbles and noise, they want services “eluded the Mayor

During his one on one with the media, Mayor Cllr. N.N.G Mahlaba said He is here to try and change the financial situation that the Municipality is under “We need to do a proper assessment of the Municipality so that we can device a proper strategy that will assist us in our quest to revitalise the Municipality as it is perceived as a non-working entity by many” He concluded.




The Newcastle Municipality has embarked on an incentive scheme initiative to encourage the payment of municipal bills. The incentive schemes are aimed at individuals and businesses and are as follows:

(a) that business must settle 50% of the outstanding amount at 30 June 2017, no later than 30 June 2018 and the municipality will write off the debt for the remaining 50%;

(b) that individual customers must settle 50% of the total outstanding amount at 30 June 2017 no later than 30 June 2018 then Council will write off the debt for the remaining 50%;

(c) that individual customers that settles the amount owing in respect of the current financial year with a lump sum settled no later than 30 June 2018 will qualify for a 25% write off in respect of the outstanding debt (debt older than 30 June 2017) then (d) and € will apply for the write off of 75% of the debt at 30 June 2017;

(d) that individual customers that pay their municipal bill for the whole financial year from July 2018 until 30 June 2019, Council will write off 50% of the debt outstanding at 30 June 2017;

(e) that individual customers that pay their monthly municipal bill for the whole financial year from July 2019 until 30 June 2020, Council will write off the remaining debt outstanding at 30 June 2017.

16 June 1976 Commemoration


This year, South Africa marks 42 years since the June 16, 1976 Soweto uprising, where students took to the streets to fight against oppression and the apartheid government. 

We have a responsibility to look at where we come from as the Nation and make our greatest attributions to the heroes and heroines who fought for the liberation of our people in their early age. 

We have the common responsibility to always recall the events of 1976 so that the bravery and sacrifices of that generation serve as an inspiration to the youth of today, to work hard to contribute to the solution of the challenges they are facing, particularly in unemployment, substance abuse, inequality and economic exclusion. It is on this basis that we expect the youth of Newcastle to follow in the footsteps of the 1976 youth and become agents of change.

In 1976, the youth was able to correctly identify the challenges and tasks they had to confront. Today 42 years later, once again our youth is faced with the obligation to identify the challenges and tasks they confront.

Whereas the youth of 1976 used stones and barricades against apartheid forces, today’s youth should use education and skills to fight poverty and unemployment.  Furthermore, they must use their talents to mobilize and campaign against teenage pregnancy, alcohol and drug abuse as well as crime.

We have a responsibility to nurture and invest in our youth, it was President Oliver Tambo who once said “a nation that does not invest in its youth does not deserve to bear its fruit”. It is on this basis that as Newcastle Municipality we invested in our youth by providing them with bursaries, particularly the fields where there is a shortage of skills. We have to align our youth towards the direction of our economy therefore skills related to such become paramount. 

We have also invested in our youth through Internships program were we have employed them in order for them to get the necessary experience after they have attained their qualifications. We have concluded with the establishment of the branch of NYDA Offices which it has been a major achievement for the Office of the Mayor. This will go a long way to assist young people in Newcastle who wish to start their own business and those that are already entrepreneurs.  The Newcastle Municipality under my leadership as the Mayor has last year assisted 6384 potential students with NSFAS applications with at least 97% of these young people being successful candidates and today they are students at various Institutions of Higher Learning.  

In addition, my office has made sure that we assist in the Entrepreneurial Developmental Program aimed at capacitating young people, hence about 32 young people from the 28th of May 2018 to 1 June 2018 were trained by NYDA preparing them to access the NYDA products such as vouchers and grants.

Newcastle Municipality continues to create a conducive environment for local economic development in our town, thus promoting the creation of job opportunities.

We wish the youth of Newcastle all the best, may they continue to strive for excellence in everything they do. Continuously fighting side by side with the youth in making our town a better place to stay, work and play. Furthermore campaigning against substance abuse through education and skills development. 

Mayor Kicks Off Budget Roadshow In Ward 1, Charlestown



24th April 2018

To: All Media Houses

Re. Statement

His Worship the Mayor of Newcastle Local Municipality, Cllr. EM Nkosi has as part of his duties reflected in the Municipal Finance Management Act No. 56 of 2003, and the Municipal Systems Act No. 32 of 2000 a process that precedes to the adoption of the Budget for the 2018/19 Financial Year.

During a roadshow in ward 1 in Charlestown, the Mayor interacted with the community in the program of opening and handing over to the community the completed projects, these projects were championed and implemented by the Technical Services department and are explained as follows;
 – The Water Treatment Plant; this project is complete and forms part of the promised projects in assisting the community of Charlestown towards its development. This project will also assist the Charlestown community to access clean and safe drinking water.
 – The Charlestown Electrification Program; it will be remembered that this program came as a response to an outcry from the people of Charlestown who had not been without electricity. A visit to light 256 electrified houses happened for the first time in this area. This project is complete and the Mayor apologised to the community of Charlestown for taking a long time to electrify the area.
 – The opening of the Nek Road; this road has also been completed in Charlestown.
The Mayor also announced the Charlestown Housing Project, this project will be done in conjunction with the Infrastructural Developmental Program, and this means that the construction of the houses will be done concurrently with the development of Infrastructure including the road construction and the electrification.

The Construction of the new Library to a tune of R 18 Million has already began in Charlestown, this project is soon to be completed and will be opened and handed over by the Mayor together with the Department of Sports and Recreation under the stewardship of MEC Bongi Sthole-Moloi.

The Mayor during his address to the Communities has condemned the violent actions of the Charlestown community in an attempt to address their grievances he urged them to communicate properly using the structures as designed by the legislation.

For Enquiries

Sphiwe Mazibuko
Communications (Office of the Mayor of Newcastle Local Municipality)

Mayor Cllr E.M Nkosi and Speaker Cllr JCN Mkhwanazi cutting the ribbon during the opening and handover of the Water Treatment Plant.


Mayor accompanied by the Chief Whip and Councillors at the opening and handover of Nek Road.


Community of ward 1 came out in their numbers.


Mayor, Cllr E.M Nkosi during his address.


The Water Treatment Plant

Winnie Madikizela Mandela – 1936-2018

“Preventing the conflicts of tomorrow means changing the mindsets of the youth today.”

Winnie Madikizela Mandela – 1936-2018

Mother of the nation… we salute you.


Invitation: Newcastle Budget Speech & State of The Town Address


The Newcastle budget speech & state of the town address, by the honourable Mayor. Cllr. EM Nkosi.

Date: 04 April 2018
Venue: Newcaste Show Hall
Dress code: Formal
Time: 18h00pm

Human Rights Day


The 21st of March which is known as Human Rights Day, on this day all South African commemorates the fallen heroes of the Sharpville Massacre. On this day we honor and remember all those who died for standing up against the unjust “Pass Laws” of the brutal apartheid system.

This year we celebrate the centenary of the birth of Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, we shall intensify our efforts to realize his vision of a united South Africa in which all live in peace with equal rights and opportunities.

We shall renew our focus on Mandela’s vision of non-racial society in which the social and economic barriers that have separated black from white are torn down.

We must work to fulfill Madiba’s vision of a democratic society in which all citizens have equal opportunity to determine their own destiny. We must rally all Newcastle communities behind this vision as we continue to unite our people.

“I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it.  The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” by Nelson Mandela

Volunteers Working Together in Keeping Newcastle Clean

Volunteers from Madadeni , Osizweni and Blaauwbosch area came together to keep Newcastle clean

In a collective effort to keep Newcastle clean, The Newcastle Municipality’s department of Community Services with the help from Volunteers took the initiative to work together to clear the refuse that has been pilling-up in various open spaces within the city.

Every week a new place that needs extensive cleaning is identified and on a Friday morning, these places are visited.

“We have devised a plan to make certain that Newcastle remains the best city to live in and also to make certain that health hazards are halted. We have dedicated our Fridays to cleaning every corner of this town,” affirmed Dr P.D Thabethe Acting Strategic Director for Community Services.

This is what saw Volunteers from Madadeni, Osizweni and Blaaubosch together with Newcastle Municipality putting on their gloves to clean waste next to the Rosary Clinic in the Blaaubosch area on the 2nd of February 2018.
This programme has been rolled out in all the areas in Newcastle and we would like more people to get involved in helping us achieve our aim” continued Thabethe. These volunteers have already sorted out areas in and around Madadeni, Osizweni and Blaauwbosch and they continue to maintain these areas.

Skips are placed in various open spaces and the community is urged to utilise them. The Municipality urges the community to make use of the skips provided to them to dump their garden refuse and not around it.
Household refuse is picked up weekly and refuse bags should be taken out in the morning, Waste Removal and bag collection roster is available on the Newcastle Municipality.

Volunteers clearing waste in a open veld near the Rosary clinic

Community Leader Sandile Mthembu throwing his refuse bag in a skip

Volunteers clearing diapers that were thrown all over the place

OSS Municipality Workshop

Seen on the picture chairing the workshop is, Mr M.I Mhlanga (Local Task Team), Mr T. Mkhasibe (Special Programmes) and Mr S. Khanyi (Cogta)

On the 1st of February 2018 Newcastle Municipality (Special Programmes unit) in conjunction with Operation Sukuma Sakhe (OSS) held a workshop for all the war room conveners, secretaries and government departments that are in Amajuba District. The purpose of this workshop was to engage with all relevant stakeholders that form part of the war rooms and OSS and also to give an insight on what is Operation Sukuma Sakhe as it was explained as an initiative that has a ‘whole of Government approach’ as its philosophical basis.

Dr. N.Y Mahlubi, Newcastle Municipality’s PR Councillor who is also the District Task Team Chairperson was one of the speakers present on the day. Dr. Mahlubi said that Operation Sukuma Sakhe spells out all initiatives that are implemented by the different sector departments and the spheres of government…therefore delivery of services is a required partnership with community, stakeholders and government. She further explained that Operation Sukuma Sakhe is a continuous interaction between Government and the communities and that these two sectors must work together to achieve the 12 National Outcomes.

Provincial Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) team was also represented by Mr Sthembiso Khanyile who explained that Operation Sukuma Sakhe is under Public Participation Directorate in the department of Cogta and further outlined the challenges they are facing with this initiative.

The Department of Development Planning & Human Settlement within the municipality was also part of the program, Mr S Cindi who is an Acting Manager for Land Use Management explained all the Municipal By-laws that are in place. Other Government departments like Dept. of Labour (Nonkululeko Mtambo), Dept. of Home Affairs (Nhlanhla Magasela), SASSA (Bongani Myeni) and Dept. of Health (Mrs G Xaba) were also present. Each department outlined its core mandate and they pledged their support on OSS and all its structures in place.
The workshop was a success as fruitful discussions took place and most of the concerns were addressed.

War room members, conveners, Secretaries, government departments, NGOs and Forum members