Let’s welcome Spring by saving water

As part of a bid for water rationing the Newcastle Municipality urges the Community to use water sparingly on this day as we are all welcoming Spring.

The Community usually enjoy this day by cooling off the heat through water games that sees buckets full water flying in evey street and every school, today we plead with the Community to work with us and help us save Newcastle from experiencing the drought that is threatning our town and conserve water.

The severity of the drought facing the province is very serious and needs to be treated as such. In a previous statement issued by the Municipality Honourable Mayor Cllr Afzul Rehman encouraged every citizen of Newcastle to remember that water is a precious resource and therefore should be used with care.

He mentioned that while the Municipality is not currently under immediate threat, the low rainfalls across the province also put Newcastle in danger of water shortages within the next few months. “Our wish to Newcastle water customers is that they will use water sparingly, make sure leaks are reported and fixed by the Municipality and consciously save water,” said the Mayor.

Mayor Rehman urged Newcastle residents to make water conservation part of their everyday lives and follow water saving tips provided by the Municipality.
• Turn off the water while you brush your teeth and shave.
• Make sure that the tap is closed after you have finished using it.
• Take a shower instead of a bathtub.
• When taking a bathtub do not fill up the water to the top of the tub.
• When cooking do not fill up the pot with water.
• Ensure that toilet and pipe leaks anywhere in the house are fixed
• only flush the toilet when it is necessary.
• When washing your motor vehicle, use a bucket instead of a hose pipe

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