International AIDS Conference Countdown


Five Days before the 21st International Aids Conference that will be held in KwaZulu – Natal ( Durban )as part of the build-up and promotion of the conference the Newcastle Municipality embarked on a count down through various activities to create awareness about the impact of HIV and AIDS.

Municipal Staff and the public were encouraged to wear black, white and red clothing, the official conference colours, to remember those affected by or living with HIV/Aids.

In support of the conference the Newcastle Municipality displayed posters, candles, balloons (red, white and black) in reception areas and strategic places. Voluntary HIV/AIDS Testing services were made available for the staff and public, condoms were also distributed on testing sites and on the streets. Red, white and black balloons were released at 12h15 for five minutes.

The Deputy Director General of Government Communication and Information System, Nebo Legoabe dubbed this conference the world cup of Aids and said that it’s the biggest event happening in South Africa. He also urged South Africans to treat it with paramount enthusiasm that it deserves.

“We’ve noted that most people are not aware of this thing happening. This count down will assist in sensitizing every South African making sure they are aware of the Conference “added Deputy Director

The conference is expected to attract close to 20 000 delegates from 183 countries. The United States has pledged R 6 billion to assist with South Africa’s anti-retroviral programme.

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