Gender based violence


1. Gender based violence is a problem that hasn’t started today or yesterday. In the wake of the current killings of Women and children more especially, what are the government programmes of action to fight against this social ill problem that the country is facing?

2. Last year, government adopted 16 Days of Activism campaign into a 365 Days National Dialogues, what progress has been made in addressing the issue through dialogues?

3. There is a public concern or perception that government’s law enforcement agencies are not doing much to intervene and curb this social ill. Since the outbreak, how many people have been arrested?

4. Majority of women have expressed their concerns with regard to safety. What measures are in place to ensure that all people are and feel safe in their communities?

5. Some of the killings, kidnappings and child trafficking is done by foreigners who are in this country illegally. What plans are in place to address the issue of child trafficking especially at the boarders?

6. It was reported last week that South African Police Service has establish a task team to deal with this problem. How far is the progress of the work that was done since the establishment of the task team?

7. Statistics South Africa released a report that that suggest that 1 in 5 women in South Africa is a victim of gender based violence, after the release of the report was there any government plan?

8. President Jacob Zuma addressed the issue last week also suggesting the harsh sentence on the perpetrators of this kind of violence. Are we likely to see the amendment of the constitution to give law enforcement more power to give harsh sentence to the perpetrators of this violence?

9. Looking at President Jacob Zuma comment on the matter, does it suggest that government think our laws to deal with such crimes are too lenient to the perpetrators?

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