Erratum : Correction of error with regards to the booking of the bid documents

Road Bids

Bid Description : Construction and upgrading of roads in Madadeni and Osizweni Area.
Bid number :
A013-2017/18, A015-2017/18, A017-2017/18, A018-2017/18, A019-2017/18, A020-2017/18, A021-2017/18, A023-2017/18, A024-2017/18 and A025-2017/18.

Please Note : The above bid was published on the Newcastle Municipality website, Municipality Notice Board, Ilanga Newspaper dated 11 January 2018 and Newcastle Advertiser dated 18 January 2018 (Roads Projects only) with an error that reads as follows “NB: Bid documents (Roads Projects only) must be reserved in advance to obtain a reference number from Ms N Buthelezi at Newcastle Municipality on 034 328 7607 or by email before or on the 16 January 2018 at 16h00pm. Bidders who do not reserve documents before this time will not be allowed to collect documents at the Compulsory Clarification Meeting. Documents must be collected before or on the date of the Compulsory Clarification Meeting as no documents will be issued after the day of the clarification meeting. Bidders failing to attend Clarification Meetings will be disqualified.”
The correct statement is: The bid documents will be issued to all the potential bidders who will be collecting the bid documents and attended the compulsory briefing session. The bidders that will not attend the compulsory briefing session will be disqualified.
All other details remain unchanged.

Enquiries : S Dlamini or S Vilakazi (034 – 328 7701/ 7818)