Community Base Plans

The Department of Public Participation together with the IDP Unit and the Office of the Speaker within the Newcastle Municipality embarked on the process of reviewing the Community Base Plans for the 2019/20 financial year as per legislative requirement.
Under the motto “We Partner, Involve, Consult and Inform”.

Community Base Plan is a form of participatory planning which has been designed to promote community action, it provides the Municipalities with the means to strengthen the participatory aspects of their IDP
CBP Promotes ward level plans and community action while mobilising communities to take the destiny of their lives into their hands (The people shall govern).

The intention of the CBP process is to better inform planning within the various spheres of government inclusive of the private sector.

CBP employs a grass-root, sustainable livelihoods approach in order to ensure that whatever proposed development programmes and projects are in fact a true representation of the needs and aspirations of the community . This process is a forerunner to the IDP.

The working sessions commenced from the 18th of March to the 4th of April. In the following areas:

1) The 18th of March 2019, Youth Centre for the Blaaubosch zone
2) 20th of March 2019 Osizweni Community Hall for the Osizweni zone
3) 22nd of March 2019 at the Town hall for the Newcastle zone, with the last session that took place yesterday at the Madadeni Community Hall.

Attending these sessions were ,Cllrs, Ward Committee members, NGO’s and NPO’s that form part of War Rooms.

The process is currently in a draft phase in order to allow submission and constructive feedback from the community and any other interested or affected relevant stakeholders.