Celebrating Women Working in Dangerous Zones


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The Department of Special Programmes within the Newcastle Municipality celebrated women working in dangerous zones, women who excel and go beyond their call of duty to make Newcastle proud. Our beautiful rocks that are not apologetic of breaking the barriers, in an event held at the Ridgeview Civic Hall, on the 9th of September 2015.

This year women’s day was not only celebrated on the 8th of August thus the Presidency made certain that women are honoured every week of the women’s month with events that speak directly to their different strengths.

Under the theme; Women United in moving South Africa forward, Special Programmes Manager Samke Dube urged women to get rid of the disease that each women is known to be suffering from. “The pull me down syndrome is the main enemy between women. We do not support each other but we always pull each other down, if this disease can be cured we can indeed take South Africa forward”, said Mrs Dube.

Mrs Dube also gave the background and purpose of the event, where she reminded women that they are the world’s greatest, “It is critical for us as women to know where we come from, where we are going and where we are”. She advised women to carry forward the spirit of Charlotte Maxeke, Lillian Ngoyi, Hellen Joseph, Rahima Moosa and many others who fought tirelessly against the brutality of the apartheid government and break all the barriers that are causing a hindrance to women’s prosperity.

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The Speakers of the day delivered speeches that displayed the power that women possess, Zandi Zwane from Newcastle Municipality’s Geographical Information System(a health fanatic) encouraged women to take care of their bodies, Carol Captain from Traffic Department talked about the dangers that women face on the road, Mpume Zuma from the Department of Correctional Services shared her experiences when dealing with convicts and Thoko Mhlongo from the Department of Justice spoke about the functions of her department.

Guest Speaker Megan Ngiba a young businesswomen from Durban reminded women that they are conquerors and they deserve to be treated with respect and honour.

Women are deemed incapable of running businesses because they are said to be too emotional and too soft to get things done. What people forget though is that women are strong and whatever a man can do we can do it better. More women need to break the barriers and become directors and managers”, added Ngiba.

The event was also graced by the presence of Dr N.Y Mahlubi from the Department of Education during her message of support Mahlubi thanked the Newcastle Municipality for affording women a chance to have a voice and talk about their struggles and also honouring women who have broken the barriers and prospered.

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She encouraged women to study to their full potential and in the same essence she reminded ladies to love their families while loving their jobs and not allow the other to suffer because of the other.

In closing, Newcastle Deputy Mayor Cllr Rachel Mdluli said that as Government is celebrating 20 years of non-racial and non-sexiest democracy, “We must ensure that strong measures are taken to support our female traffic officers, our policewomen and everyone who works in the previously male dominated departments, so that they can be able to address and fight against challenges that women face every day when they go to work”.

“On the 3rd of August 2015, eight councillors from this municipality were graduating. That goes to show that it is never too late to be where you want to be. I want to thank all the ladies for their contribution towards the betterment of Newcastle, we as the Newcastle Municipality are thankful and we respect you for what you have done”, concluded the Deputy Mayor.

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