CCTV our Big Brother

CCTV cameras are a modern way for crime prevention. As the municipality staff and management we need to have some knowledge of how these cameras work.

During each shift our operators will stop a camera from auto-patrolling and will manually move the camera to check around the area of the camera. When it does happen that the camera does not pick up a partcular incident it will be due to the camera being on patrol, covering specific areas that were set manually for that specific camera to cover.

Warning tips to all of us:
1. If you hire/employ a gardener/domestic worker, you need to now where he/she lives and always ask and keep a photo copy of his/her identity book.
2. Do not leave your money under the seat of your car. The police are dealing with many of these cases.
3. Avoid giving out your ID number on the telephone to strangers.
4. Physically check if your car is locked. Do not rely on your remote control.

“Love them or hate them but they are there to protect you”

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