Notice is hereby given in accordance with section 75A(3)(a) and (b) of the Local Government: Systems Act 32 of 2000, as amended, that the Newcastle Municipal Council at a meeting held on 29 May 2019, resolved to amend the under mentioned tariff of charges.

·         Advertising Sign Bylaws
·         Art Centre & Museum
·         Building Bylaws
·         Bylaws for the Regional Airport and Municipal Aerodrome
·         Bylaws relating to Public Libraries
·         Camp and Caravan Park Bylaws
·         Cemetery Bylaws
·         Cleansing Services Bylaws
·         Drainage Bylaws
·         Electricity Supply Bylaws
·         Fees for access to information – Public Bodies
·         Fire Brigade Bylaws
·         Group Activities Room
·         Halls
·         Hire of Sports Grounds
·         Industrial Effluent Bylaws
·         Keeping of Dogs, Animals, Birds & Bees
·         Miscellaneous services
·         Newcastle Recreation Centre
·         Planning Development Act – Statutory Applications
·         Public Health Bylaws
·         Public Swimming Pool Bylaws
·         Street, Traffic and Entertainment Bylaws
·         Training and Specific Investigations
·         Water Supply Bylaws

Please note that:

  1. The increased tariffs shall come into operation on 1 July 2019 for all services except for water and electricity consumptions which will be levied on the new tariff with effect from the 1 August 2019 accounts.
  2. A copy of the existing tariff of charges, the proposed new tariffs and a copy of the resolution are open for inspection during office hours for a period of 30 days from date of publication hereof.
  3. Copies of the relevant resolutions and particulars of the amendments will be open for inspection at the following municipal offices:
  • Civic Centre, Newcastle
  • Madadeni
  • Stafford
  • Osizweni
  • Ingagane
  1. Major tariff increases for the 2019/2020 Financial Year are as follows:
  • Water and Sanitation 0%
  • Refuse Removal 0%
  • Property Rates 0%  (New valuation roll implemented)
  • Electricity 07% – subject to NERSA approval.



Newcastle Municipality


Notice is hereby given that, in terms of Section 152, subsection (1) (a) of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996), read in conjunction with Chapter 4, Section 17 of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act No. 32 of 2000), the Newcastle Local Municipality has developed a Public Participation Policy and Strategy document.

The main objective of this Policy/Strategy is to “make provision for mechanisms, processes andprocedures to facilitate and give effect to public participation as regulated by statute”. The Public Participation Strategy and Ward Committee Operational Plan are a supplement to the Policyand detail procedures and processes to be followed by officials, political bearers and all relevantstakeholders for proper public participation at community level.

The Public Participation Policy and Strategy will be made available for perusal in the following areas:

  • Newcastle Libraries
  • All Newcastle Municipality Offices
  • The Newcastle Municipality WebsiteMR M.J. MAYISELA
    ACTING MUNICIPAL MANAGERNewcastle Municipality Private Bag X6621 Newcastle

Newcastle Municipality Outdoor Advertising Bylaw

Newcastle Municipality Outdoor Advertising Bylaw Section 16 (8) (e) states that “any poster contemplated in this section, must be removed by person displaying it within 5 daysafter the conclusion of the election or voter registration period, failing which, Council may remove such posters and impose fee per poster remove”. 

 Therefore, you are notified to remove all election advertising signs by 15 May 2019.  Failure to respond to the directives of this letter Council will remove of all election advertising signs in terms of Section 23 (7 & 8) of the Bylaws and such costs of removal will be recovered by Council from the offending party/parties at R50.00 per sign. No further notice will be served in this respect and the election advertisements/posters that will be removed by Council will be destroyed without giving further notice.

Media Notice CS 6/2019

Media Notice Call for Public Comments

Community Base Plans

The Department of Public Participation together with the IDP Unit and the Office of the Speaker within the Newcastle Municipality embarked on the process of reviewing the Community Base Plans for the 2019/20 financial year as per legislative requirement.
Under the motto “We Partner, Involve, Consult and Inform”.

Community Base Plan is a form of participatory planning which has been designed to promote community action, it provides the Municipalities with the means to strengthen the participatory aspects of their IDP
CBP Promotes ward level plans and community action while mobilising communities to take the destiny of their lives into their hands (The people shall govern).

The intention of the CBP process is to better inform planning within the various spheres of government inclusive of the private sector.

CBP employs a grass-root, sustainable livelihoods approach in order to ensure that whatever proposed development programmes and projects are in fact a true representation of the needs and aspirations of the community . This process is a forerunner to the IDP.

The working sessions commenced from the 18th of March to the 4th of April. In the following areas:

1) The 18th of March 2019, Youth Centre for the Blaaubosch zone
2) 20th of March 2019 Osizweni Community Hall for the Osizweni zone
3) 22nd of March 2019 at the Town hall for the Newcastle zone, with the last session that took place yesterday at the Madadeni Community Hall.

Attending these sessions were ,Cllrs, Ward Committee members, NGO’s and NPO’s that form part of War Rooms.

The process is currently in a draft phase in order to allow submission and constructive feedback from the community and any other interested or affected relevant stakeholders.

Ward 22 Councillor sworn in

Seen on the picture from the back: Acting Municipal Manager Muzi Mayisela, Deputy Mayor Cllr Dudu Sibiya, Front: Magistrate Gurlal and Cllr Sizwe Mngomezulu.

The Newcastle Municipality sworn-into office a newly elected councillor during a council meeting that was held at the Newcastle Council Chambers yesterday.

Cllr Sizwe Mngomezulu who was elected as the ward 22 councillor, replaces late Cllr Sibusiso “Mpha “Hlabisa who passed on late last year.  Present to witness this prestigious event was the whole of EXCO, councillors and members of the community. To officiate the induction, Court Magistrate Gurlal was also present.

Cllr Mngomezulu swore under oath to serve the community without fear or favour. He promised to carry forward the mandate given to him by council which is in line with the vision and mission of the Newcastle Municipality.

Council welcomes the newly appointed Cllr.





20 March 2019

Human Rights Day in South Africa is a Commemoration of the Sharpeville massacre were 69 people were mercilessly killed and 180 were injured when police opened fire against unarmed protestors who were protesting against pass laws.
On this day we look back where we come from as a Country and what we overcame, we acknowledge all South Africans who suffered gross human rights violations during the period of apartheid and colonialism. We remember the painful past of the oppression of Africans in particular, we remember the period where a person was judged on the basis of the color of their skin.

This day marked an affirmation by ordinary people, who stood up and fought for their rights, hence we must use this day as the reminder that our freedom was not for free, and that our human rights came at the cost of life, that we must always remember that to date some of our people do not even know where their loved ones are buried indeed our freedom came through the high cost.

The 2019 Human Rights Day Commemoration is celebrated under the theme “The Year of Indigenous Languages: Promoting and deepening the Human Rights Culture.” The marginalized Indigenous linguistic communities continue feeling the pressure to assimilate and adapt to linguistic cultures and Identities that contrast with who they are.
The South African Constitution Founding Provisions Chapter 1, Section 6 (1) t0 (3) state that;
“6. (1) The official Languages of the Republic are Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa and 

(2) Recognising the historical dimished use and status of indigenous languages of our people, the state must take practical and positive measures to elevate the status and advance the use of these languages.
(3) (a) The National government and provincial government may use any particular official languages for the purpose of government, taking into account usage, practicality, expense, regional circumstances and the balance of the needs and preferences of the population as a whole or in the province concerned, but the national government and each provincial government must use at least two official languages.

(b) Municipalities must take into account the language usage and preferences of their residents.”
The ANC vision is to build a more equal, just and humane society where all human beings are treated with respect and dignity, where all enjoy the rights and protections enshrined in our Bill of Rights, and no one exploits or discriminates against another.

It is on this basis that we have to promote and deepen the human rights culture, as the Municipality. In the upcoming weeks, our Municipality will be having different programs which will be promoting the Indigenous Languages this will also include Indigenous games. We will have dialog on the promotion of our Indigenous language and culture. Let’s all work together in promoting and deepening the Human Rights Culture.
I would like to wish all of you a peaceful Human Rights day.

The Mayor of Newcastle to present budget speech and State of the Town address [Update]



[UPDATE : 26 March 2019]

The leadership of the Newcastle Municipality has taken a decision to postpone the State of the Town Address. This postponement will not affect the proper functioning of the municipal administration or any of the legislative functions required for the implementation of our service delivery objectives.
The Town Council will ensure that this continues to happen without any compromise .In the interest of public service and accountability the Town Council led by the Deputy Mayor will adopt the Draft Budget, Draft IDP with draft SDBIP for 2019/20 no later than Wednesday 27th March 2019 in line with MFMA Circular No.94. Shortly after the council will decide on the appropriate date for the SOTA.
The Municipality understands the concerns of the community regarding the Mayor’s arrest, please note we are not yet at liberty to communicate the matter as it is still subjudicare. We will continue to endeavour to provide quality service’s to the people of this town.
Let’s grow Newcastle together!

His worship The Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr. Dr NNG Mahlaba, will be presenting his budget speech and State of the Town address in respect of the 2019/20 financial year.
Date : 27 March 2019
Time : 17:00
Venue : Newcastle Farmers Hall
The public is invited to attend this event and must be seated by 16:30.

Isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha
Umhlonishwa umeya womkhandlu wase Newcastle, ukhansela Dokotela NNG Mahlaba uzokwethulela umkhandlu kanye nomphakathi isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha yonyaka 2019/20 .

Mhlaka : 27 Kundasa 2019
Isikhathi: 17:00
Indawo : Newcastle Farmers Hall
Umphakathi wonke uyamenywa, uyacelwa ukuthi maligamanxa ihora lesine ube usuhleli.

Begroting en stand van die dorpsrede
Die agbare burgemeester van Newcastle Munisipaliteit, Raadslid Dokter NNG Mahlaba, sal sy begrotingsrede ten opsigte van die 2019/20  finasiële jaar lewer.
Datum : 27 Maart 2019
Tyd : 17:00
Plek : Newcastle Skousaal
Die publiek word uitgenooi om die geleentheid by te woon en sitplekke in te neem teen 16:30.

New Newcastle Mayor sworn-in to office

“There is a new sheriff in town …” these were the opening remarks by the newly elected Mayor of Newcastle, at a special council meeting held on the 1stof March 2019 at the Newcastle Council chamber.

The election of the Mayor comes after the sudden resignation of Former Mayor Advocate Makhosini Nkosi who left office in January this year. Before his election as Mayor, Dr NNG Mahlaba was sworn-in as a PR Councillor in October last year, then nominated as an EXCO member by the ANC councillors.  

During his inauguration Mayor Mahlaba promised the citizens of Newcastle a much needed change in service delivery. He said that regardless of the fact that Council is made up of different political parties, each and every councillor should remember why they were elected to be there in the first place. 

“We all have one goal and that is to serve the Community of Newcastle and that is what we are going to do, People of Newcastle are not interested in squabbles and noise, they want services “eluded the Mayor

During his one on one with the media, Mayor Cllr. N.N.G Mahlaba said He is here to try and change the financial situation that the Municipality is under “We need to do a proper assessment of the Municipality so that we can device a proper strategy that will assist us in our quest to revitalise the Municipality as it is perceived as a non-working entity by many” He concluded.