20 March 2019

Human Rights Day in South Africa is a Commemoration of the Sharpeville massacre were 69 people were mercilessly killed and 180 were injured when police opened fire against unarmed protestors who were protesting against pass laws.
On this day we look back where we come from as a Country and what we overcame, we acknowledge all South Africans who suffered gross human rights violations during the period of apartheid and colonialism. We remember the painful past of the oppression of Africans in particular, we remember the period where a person was judged on the basis of the color of their skin.

This day marked an affirmation by ordinary people, who stood up and fought for their rights, hence we must use this day as the reminder that our freedom was not for free, and that our human rights came at the cost of life, that we must always remember that to date some of our people do not even know where their loved ones are buried indeed our freedom came through the high cost.

The 2019 Human Rights Day Commemoration is celebrated under the theme “The Year of Indigenous Languages: Promoting and deepening the Human Rights Culture.” The marginalized Indigenous linguistic communities continue feeling the pressure to assimilate and adapt to linguistic cultures and Identities that contrast with who they are.
The South African Constitution Founding Provisions Chapter 1, Section 6 (1) t0 (3) state that;
“6. (1) The official Languages of the Republic are Sepedi, Sesotho, Setswana, siSwati, Tshivenda, Xitsonga, Afrikaans, English, isiNdebele, isiXhosa and 

(2) Recognising the historical dimished use and status of indigenous languages of our people, the state must take practical and positive measures to elevate the status and advance the use of these languages.
(3) (a) The National government and provincial government may use any particular official languages for the purpose of government, taking into account usage, practicality, expense, regional circumstances and the balance of the needs and preferences of the population as a whole or in the province concerned, but the national government and each provincial government must use at least two official languages.

(b) Municipalities must take into account the language usage and preferences of their residents.”
The ANC vision is to build a more equal, just and humane society where all human beings are treated with respect and dignity, where all enjoy the rights and protections enshrined in our Bill of Rights, and no one exploits or discriminates against another.

It is on this basis that we have to promote and deepen the human rights culture, as the Municipality. In the upcoming weeks, our Municipality will be having different programs which will be promoting the Indigenous Languages this will also include Indigenous games. We will have dialog on the promotion of our Indigenous language and culture. Let’s all work together in promoting and deepening the Human Rights Culture.
I would like to wish all of you a peaceful Human Rights day.

The Mayor of Newcastle to present budget speech and State of the Town address


His worship The Mayor of Newcastle, Cllr. Dr NNG Mahlaba, will be presenting his budget speech and State of the Town address in respect of the 2019/20 financial year.
Date : 27 March 2019
Time : 17:00
Venue : Newcastle Farmers Hall
The public is invited to attend this event and must be seated by 16:30.

Isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha
Umhlonishwa umeya womkhandlu wase Newcastle, ukhansela Dokotela NNG Mahlaba uzokwethulela umkhandlu kanye nomphakathi isabelo zimali nenkulumo yedolobha yonyaka 2019/20 .

Mhlaka : 27 Kundasa 2019
Isikhathi: 17:00
Indawo : Newcastle Farmers Hall
Umphakathi wonke uyamenywa, uyacelwa ukuthi maligamanxa ihora lesine ube usuhleli.

Begroting en stand van die dorpsrede
Die agbare burgemeester van Newcastle Munisipaliteit, Raadslid Dokter NNG Mahlaba, sal sy begrotingsrede ten opsigte van die 2019/20  finasiële jaar lewer.
Datum : 27 Maart 2019
Tyd : 17:00
Plek : Newcastle Skousaal
Die publiek word uitgenooi om die geleentheid by te woon en sitplekke in te neem teen 16:30.

New Newcastle Mayor sworn-in to office

“There is a new sheriff in town …” these were the opening remarks by the newly elected Mayor of Newcastle, at a special council meeting held on the 1stof March 2019 at the Newcastle Council chamber.

The election of the Mayor comes after the sudden resignation of Former Mayor Advocate Makhosini Nkosi who left office in January this year. Before his election as Mayor, Dr NNG Mahlaba was sworn-in as a PR Councillor in October last year, then nominated as an EXCO member by the ANC councillors.  

During his inauguration Mayor Mahlaba promised the citizens of Newcastle a much needed change in service delivery. He said that regardless of the fact that Council is made up of different political parties, each and every councillor should remember why they were elected to be there in the first place. 

“We all have one goal and that is to serve the Community of Newcastle and that is what we are going to do, People of Newcastle are not interested in squabbles and noise, they want services “eluded the Mayor

During his one on one with the media, Mayor Cllr. N.N.G Mahlaba said He is here to try and change the financial situation that the Municipality is under “We need to do a proper assessment of the Municipality so that we can device a proper strategy that will assist us in our quest to revitalise the Municipality as it is perceived as a non-working entity by many” He concluded.



Happy Diwali to the Hindu Community!

Newcastle Mayor Cllr E.M Nkosi, Wishes all Hindu community a happy Diwali!

Diwali marks a beginning and a new year to our Hindu Community. It is a time to celebrate and give thanks. This time signifies a fresh start and the triumph of good over evil.

“This is a very important time in our town, it is the time where Light successes over darkness and where love wins over hate and bitterness.” said Cllr E.M Nkosi.

The community of Newcastle is urged to use fireworks responsibly during this time.

Happy Diwali!

Water Restriction

The Municipality is busy with Installing a new PRV pipe in the Schuinshoogte area to prevent further bursting of pipes in that area.
Please note that water will be closed for at least a minimum of 3 hours from now.

Temporary Deviation and Road Closures Due To Road Resealing

Temporary Deviation and Road Closures Due To Road Resealing

Notice: Contractors working on behalf of and under supervision of the Newcastle Municipality – Road Resealing.

Construction and repairs may result in temporary deviations and road closures during construction works. Areas that have been identified are as follows:

  1. Lennoxton – Loxton Street – 29 – 31 October 2018
  2. Panorama – Completed 26 October 2018
  3. Riverside Indistrial – Edison road & Portion Marconi – 29-31 October 2018
  4. Asiphen Drive – Completion – 29-30 October 2018
  5. Madadeni – MD 33 – 30-06 November 2018

Pothole Repair
Currently our internal teams are concentrating in the CBD area and the following streets are attended to:
Harding Street
Sutherland Street
York Street
Murchison Street

Street Cleaning
Allen Street between Albert Wessels and Magnolia Street – 29-02 November 2018

Storm Water Systems
Any reported blockages will be attended to immediately

Special Note: Please note all resealing operations has stopped due to Contractors pay week end. Work will recommence on Monday, 29 October 2018.
The above work will be carried out during normal working hours and is subject to availability of materials and weather conditions. Motorists and cautioned to drive safely during this process.

Message From The Mayor To The Matric Class of 2018


“Each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover its mission, fulfill it or betray it.”
Frantz Fanon

To the class of 2018, we wish them all the best of luck towards their examination. It has been a long and tiring 12 years that they have been busy identifying their mission which brings fruition soon after they have written their examination beginning this week for technical students but also amasses on the 22nd October 2018.

By this, we are heartfelt in echoing the words of our icon, Baba Nelson Mandela when he said, “Education is the most powerful weapon when you can use it to change the world”. We wish to see these young and shining stars of our nation in a very big mission of changing a status quo engulfed with hunger and underdevelopment to a possible prosperous future.


Notice : Road Resealing

Notice: Contractors working on behalf of and under the supervision of the Newcastle Municipality – Road Resealing.

Construction and repairs may result in temporary deviations and road closures during construction works. Areas that have been identified are as follows;

1) HUTTEN HEIGHTS  – Hillside and Ring road – 12 – 19 October 2018
2)RIVERSIDE INDUSTRIAL –Edison road – 08 – 23 October 2018

The above work will be carried out during normal working hours and is subject to availability of material and weather conditions. Motorist are cautioned to drive carefully during this process.

For any enquiries, contact Manager Roads and Stormwater; Jay Thulasee on 034 328 7937 or

Public Notice : Community Based Plans

Download the Draft Community Based Plans (34 Wards)

Notice is hereby given that, in terms of Section 152, subsection (1) (a)of the Constitution of the Republic of South Africa (1996), read in conjunction with Chapter 4 and Section 29 (b)of the Local Government: Municipal Systems Act (Act No. 32 of 2000), the Newcastle Local Municipality is planning to embark on a process of developing Community Based Plans across all the 34 Wards that fall within the jurisdiction of the Municipality in order to inform and give guidance to the development of its Fourth Generation IDP (2017 – 2022); Spatial Development Framework and other Municipal Sector Plans.

The planned activity was scheduled to take place through the Ward War Rooms from the month of February 2017 and is now at the stage were the municipality invites all relevant stakeholders to offer their input and comments on the draft community based plans which will be accessed as the following areas:-

  • Newcastle Libraries
  • All Newcastle Municipality Offices
  • The Newcastle Municipality Website




Download the Draft Community Based Plans (34 Wards)


Newcastle Municipality

Private Bag X6621




From 2 July 2018 Newcastle Local Municipality will bank with Nedbank. Please be advised that payments made to the FNB account will be accepted only until 31 July 2018. Thereafter the FNB account will be closed. The following Nedbank account must then be used when making payments:

Bank name: Nedbank

Account type: Current account

Account number: 1162660066

Branch code: 133724

Reference: Your 12 digit account number

Alternatively, you can pay your bill at the following municipal offices:

First Floor (Rates Hall), 37 Murchison Street, Newcastle

Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 15:00

NB: Customers should start making payments to the Nedbank account as it is officially active.