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Thursday February 20th, 2020 - 6:59 pm

Power Alert 2 ... See MoreSee Less

Power Alert 2

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Inbox plz

Inbox plz freemode

Amanzi wona why there's no update

Manje y bethathe owami Ngedwa ugesi manje??


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Thursday February 20th, 2020 - 7:50 am

Power Alert 1 ... See MoreSee Less

Power Alert 1

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Loosely translated: there will be an interruption of electricity supply on scheduled times ( as per the Loadshedding schedule provided on the Eskom website) between today and Saturday.

Where can i find the load shedding schedule?

Any1 has the schedule please 🙏

Kwathuleka ngama internship esawa applayela last year December mfoka Admin unalo ulwazi?



Dont jus post as if ugcina icala, engage with us when we ask for explanations dont be ignorant.

Loadshedding will be taking place between today and Saturday at certain times depending on the schedule this doesn't mean they'll be no power from today till Saturday 🤦




From 9.00 today to saturday at 6.00????....please explane..

Ons sê baie baie baie dankie, vir aaaaal diiiie kak

Aibo explain

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Wednesday February 19th, 2020 - 1:49 pm



19 February 2020

Newcastle-The Newcastle Municipality has learnt of fresh threats to deliberately disrupt the water supply of the entire municipality. Municipal officials received a tip-off that a group of disgruntled members of the community will create panic by damaging pipes that supply the municipality with water. The tip-off further states that the intention is to agitate for another “TOTAL SHUTDOWN.” The municipality was also informed that the intention is to influence public perception and render the municipality dysfunctional. The group also plans to temper with the municipality’s reservoirs.

The matter will be urgently reported to the police and the municipality’s law enforcement agency will be closely monitoring all its water supplying pipes. Mayor Cllr. Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba reiterated calls to invite aggrieved parties to engage in a constructive dialogue.

“We honestly can’t have people temper with a key resource that gives life to thousands of residents. It is evident that these are individuals who are not willing to engage in a diplomatic manner with the municipality, and unfortunately they now want to hold our residents at ransom. We strongly condemn this planned deliberate sabotage. Damaging municipal property is an act of criminality. We are a listening municipality and we will never turn away residents with genuine concerns,” stated Cllr. Dr Ntuthuko Mahlaba.

Mayor Dr Mahlaba has urged community members to refrain from taking part in intentionally planned violent protests.

For more information contact:

Newcastle Municipality Head of Communications

Mlungisi Khumalo

074 535 9794

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Samantha Jordaan Jacques Jordaan Nicolaas Jansen van Nieuwenhuizen

Yoyoyoyoyo yoyoyoyoyo yoyoyoyoyo yoyoyoyoyo yoyoyoyoyo chom dis verskriklik verskriklik baie baie erg

Yes that's true

Amanga into yenu nje, kodwa uzonibona umphakathi ngelinye ilanga

Nina mele singanivoteli next time senisenza ingane zenu too much

Yaz nina seniyasijwayela nje straight

Kwathuleka ngama internship esawa applayela last year December mfoka Admin unalo ulwazi?

Sekuphela two weeks engekho amanzi la engihlala khona uma ngiyo report kamaspala Osizweni bathe abazi bazoza nini ngoba izimoto azina petrol

Aw ayikho nje lendaba ka Municipal wase Newcstl,cha ayikho ukubekuyangam ngabesizamani omunye Maspala ozosenzela izinto or ozophatha inewcstl avele abulawenje Maspala wala ngoba aksizi phela aysekho nje lento🤔

Stupidity is not a disability bt is to damage public water pipes, that mayor u guys telling us abt iz not the only one who needs water alone bt the community so asimeni kancane ukusangana.......sekuphelile yini kudla enakweba ezitolo zamandiya manje..

Eish kunzima


From last week asnamanzi kanti kwenzakalani

Kudlalwa ngathi, abasebenzi ababuyiselwe emsebenzin

Canvassing public sympathy

The water issue is been a crisis for the last 5 years now in Newcastle. The burst pipes festival that happens every week. Slow response on water leaks, you find reported water leaking in the streets for months. As we speak there's no water in Osizweni(Not sure about other places) for two weeks and no water tankers supply and you staff members are getting paid full salaries every month that what we know. Now I'm not sure if those anti-mayor or mayor haters who wants to damage the pipes are also responsible for all the extreme poor water management we've experiencing for years as well.

Transparency is one of the pillars of Democracy I think the municipality should name and shame all those who want to sabotage the system and also provide tangible evidence breaking down all the details eg. who are they working for howmuch are they getting paid....coz as the concerned community we can not relay on rumours and here says...mybe we reside with them amongst our community we even attended same pre-school or we played soccer it would be easy to deal with them robustly... I also believe the one who gave a tip-off must say the names and tell the community how did he or she knew such devastating informions and provide us with valid proff we also want to knw did they got any rewards regarding such information as they should be entitled to..they deserve some recognition this is such an overwhelming information. We are also looking forward for further investigation to take part and more updates concerning this disturbing news.. We will also gladly welcome the name of the one who gave a tip-off this is such a heroic act...

This management is always full of excuses and they like blaming others a lot.

Who informed you😂😂🤣

As they are busy trying anything and everything to destroy Newcastle, as community its time to stand up and stop all this boys stupidity. For over 15 years,they were busy with CORRUPTION,KILLINGS,NEPOTISMS and more.The good and the best doctor is not broke or hungry.his here to make things right for US.only dummies and Para's who can't see that are used by this hypocrites (OZISUZABO).wake up and stand up for our Newcastle. President and our Mayor they are both can they stole the money?Zuma his rich now.sihlushwa ilezilambi zababulali ezazitshela ukuthi uMaspala amafa ashiywa oyisemkhulu ababeyizichaka.Amen

Its been a month now no water at Blaaubosch. Kanti senziwani vele?

You in our pray the honourable and the management

This is a joke

Ay suka maan amanga nxa

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Wednesday February 19th, 2020 - 8:27 am

Power Alert ... See MoreSee Less

Power Alert

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At least I will watch UEFA Champions League in peace

The notice is kond of blur

The marathon Continues...

His Worship,The Deputy Mayor of Newcastle Cllr  R. Molelekoa  will be leading another clean-up  campaign tomorrow.  

Details are as follows:

Date: 19 February 2020
Time: 08:00 am
Meeting point: Newcastle Town Hall 

Interested members of the public are invited to be part of the clean up,
Together We Can Keep our town Clean 


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200+ staff was dismissed based on over time and fighting the employer..... Fine.. When are you employing new staff to bring back services as normal and stop this volontary thing you are doing. What is the budget for salaries of the dismissed employees doing?????

Always on town hhow about townships? And we have to celebrate that?

Go see what the sidewalks look like in Drakensberg road opposite Ferrum. I don't see how Newcastle is being kept clean.

Hire people to clean the town....

Wish I can be a part of cleaning campaign but eish transport money ayibonwa😞

Kudlaliwe ngabantu qhashani nje ngoba nina niyahola but nidlala ngabantu mxm

Newcastle looks like a dump. Maintenance and services are not being done. Verges and parks are overgrown, refuse is an issue, people are dumping garden refuse in suburbs. It's disgusting. But yet the Municipality still takes our money every month for services not rendered.

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Tuesday February 18th, 2020 - 3:16 pm

Youth Development Roadshows ... See MoreSee Less

Youth Development Roadshows

Monday February 17th, 2020 - 8:43 am

Loadshedding not expected today. ... See MoreSee Less

Loadshedding not expected today.

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It's day 8 without water in Blaaubosch, ward 18, we would appreciate if we had been alerted about water just like loadshedding. We are being underrated.

Le page elikamasipala ukuthi asitshele lokhu okuvuna yena kuphela noma elethu nathi ukusho esikufisa kumasipala ngoba njalo esikufisa nesikhala ngakho asiphendulwa okunalokho sihlalela ukufunda esitshelwa Kona kwangathi alisisisi nje thina bahlali base Newcastle nangeke Kube khona u admin o flexable

Abt water

Niphashelwa makwenzenjan nin nafa ilukuluk elinipheth nizi nihlanganise nezint ezingahlangan ninenkimg bakweth


No loadshedding, but yet no power. Incompetence

Blaaubosch ward 16 sicela I water tank ngase plaza


Anisiyeke nge loadshedding nisibuyisele amanzi

Nisakhala kancane basazosinyisa thelani igazi phansi nehlise umoya kusese kuncane kukhulu kuyeza thina eyamanzi ayisithusi 😂😂😂😂 Philani Mncube Sandile Mncube niyafuna nginixoxele ukuthi kuzolanelani?😂😂😂😂

Kushukuthi kunenkinga efanayo nase dannhauser Ku ward 12 sino 14days no water

Sifiso Nkosi Wawuxoshwe ubani e1🤣

Ngath bangakujikela nawe bakuxoshe Admin ngoba ngath awubhadlile ekhanda

Sicela nibuyise amanzi Osizweni selokhu ahamba ngo Mgqibelo ntambama

3 days without electricity in section 3 ward 20. Ncedani bo!

Ababuyele abasebenz emsebenzin

asinandaba ne loadshedding nibabuyisa nini abantu enabaxoshela into engekho emsebenzin

Vele nje nenza ngamabomu

Is there a SONA today????

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Sunday February 16th, 2020 - 7:21 pm

Power Alert 2 ... See MoreSee Less

Power Alert 2

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Nibabuyisela nin emsebenzin labantu enabaxoshela into engekho


Are we suppose to say thank you?

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