2016 International AIDS Conference


The 21st International AIDS Conference (AIDS 2016) is only a few weeks away and will be hosted in our Province from the 18th to the 22nd of July 2016, under the Theme: Access Equity Rights Now. A call to action to everyone to work together towards reaching the people that still lack access to comprehensive treatment, prevention, care and support services for HIV and AIDS.

Access to action also refer to:

∙ A call to action to strengthen the commitment to HIV research evidence-based interventions.
∙ A call to action to all HIV stakeholders to unite and overcome injustices caused by violence and the exclusion of people on the basis of gender, class, race, nationality, age, geographic location, sexual orientation and HIV status.
∙ A call to action to repeal laws that infringe on people’s human rights and deny communities the ability to participate in the world as equals.
∙ Reminding us that all our gains will be lost if we do not continue to push forward and build a strong global movement to change the course of the epidemic.

South Africa’s Deputy President Mr. C. Ramaphosa in his capacity as the Chairperson of the South African National Aid Council (SANAC), will be leading the SA government delegation which will include SANAC, Inter-Ministerial Committee (IMC) Ministers and the civil society to the conference.

AIDS 2016 aims to reinvigorate the response to HIV and AIDS by:
a) Bringing together the world’s experts to advance knowledge about HIV, present new research findings, and promote and enhance scientific and community collaborations around the world;
b) Promoting HIV responses that are supported by and tailored to the needs of at risk populations or people living with HIV, including women and girls, men who have sex with men, transgender people, sex workers, young people, and people who use drugs;
c) Promoting activism and community mobilization that holds leaders, industry, and governments accountable and increases their commitment to an evidence-based, human-rights-affirming HIV and AIDS response;
d) Advancing a clear agenda for HIV in a post-2015 framework, including the cross-cutting issues of criminalization, gender-based violence, sexual and reproductive health, rights, and stigma and discrimination that keep people living with HIV at the center of the HIV response; and
e) Building innovative partnerships with businesses, community, government, and science to strengthen HIV prevention and treatment efforts.

The Newcastle municipality will take part in the five-day count down to the Conference; commencing on the 13th of July 2016. Our involvement will be as follows:
a) The New Tower Block and Town Hall entrances will be branded.
b) The red (AIDS) ribbons will be distributed.
c) Voluntary HIV/AIDS testing service will be available with condom distributions (Tower Block – Murchison and Town Hall – Scott Street entrances).
d) All municipal employees are requested to wear black, red and white colours (the significance of the colours are as follows; BLACK – those who died from AIDS, RED – those who are infected and WHITE – those who are affected).
NOTE: The colours are not to discriminate in any nature. Wearing RED does not symbolize that you are infected and so forth. The colours signify that we are aware and are not apologetic about fighting against HIV/AIDS, WHETHER OR NOT WE ARE INFECTED!
e) Special Programmes together with Communications will be coordinating this programme. For more information please contact Special Programmes Manager; Mrs Samke Dube on 034 328 3435 / 082 818 9778