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Public Notice : Departments moved to new building.


Notice to community members:
Please note that the following departments have moved from the previous Newcastle Civic Centre(Phase 1) into the Newcastle Tower Block(Phase 2) to service the community.

Departments that are currently occupying the Newcastle Tower Block are as follows :

7th : Municipal Manager Office, Legal Services, Executive Support and Special Programs
6th : Internal Audit, Information Communication & Technology and Performance Management
3rd: BTO & Chief Financial Officer
2nd: BTO & technical Services
1st: Cashier and Enquires (Meters, Rates and Valuations)
Phase 1 1st floor: Public Participation

Please also be informed that while the move is still in progress, departments that are still to move into the Newcastle Tower block are as follows departments with their floor numbers :

4th : Development Planning and Human Settlements
5th : Corporate Services

Ground Floor: Town Planning and Technical Services
SED: Community Services will be allocated in the office previously occupied by of the Municipal Manager (Phase 1 section)

While the public parking is under completion, we kindly request that community members make use of the available parking in open area between the Library and the Clinic and other alternative parking. We apologies for the inconvenience this may cause

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