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Municipal Manager’s Bio

Kebone MasangeKebone Masange has been municipal manager of the Newcastle Municipality since the 2011 local government elections. As the head of administration and chief accounting officer, he is responsible for tracking municipal spending, assessing the performance of elected officials, and ensuring community participation. The chief operations office is a key division within the municipal manager’s office and its primary responsibility is to ensure the efficient implementation of the municipality’s Integrated Development Plan (IDP). The plan itself deals with many municipal issues including service delivery, economic development, and financial sustainability.

The chief operations office works closely with national and provincial government. It demonstrates the IDP’s alignment to national Key Performance Areas (KPAs) and therefore justifies the value behind municipal infrastructure grants. After funds have been distributed, the office monitors that all departments adhere to the IDP, as well as municipal strategy and policy. The internal audit unit is also located in the municipal manager’s office and ensures compliance with municipal legislation. This includes the development and implementation of performance agreements and taking action against elected transgressors when necessary.

The Newcastle Municipality has four strategic executive directors (SED’s) that report directly to the municipal manager’s office. The five departments headed by these directors are financial services, corporate services, technical services, community services, and development and planning services. Before being appointed, Masange was also an SED at the municipality. He says,

While working as an SED I got an overview of the municipal manager’s office. In addition, from my previous experience I know what to look out for when assessing the efficiency of departments.

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