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newcastle-mayorMessage from the Mayor
It gives me great pleasure to present to you our online version of the Newcastle Business Directory. The first edition was extremely well received and we look forward to your positive reception once again. This is part of our on-going efforts to make Newcastle a critical and developmental growth-point both in terms of industrial and economical development. The very nature of our locality which is situated betweenJohannesburg and Durban is perfectly positioned to meet every investors need.

In todays era of globalisation, developing countries are increasingly competing for a share of foreign direct investment and trade. Within each country it is essential for municipalities such as Newcastle to highlight the opportunities and key advantage of the local municipality.

Through business and industry we can strive in creating jobs and a better life for all.

I urge you, to use this directory as a tool for information and as a means of introducing your business to the people our there.



Kebone-MasangeMessage from the Municipal Manager
It is with great pleasure that I would like to introduce you to our online edition of the Newcastle Business Directory. The aim of the Business Directory is to strengthen ties between the Municipality and you, the businesses in our lovely town. This directory is the ideal media for you to all our visitors and potential investors. We trust that this directory will grow from day to day with more businesses being added.

We would like to thank each and every company that supported us in the compilation and we trust that through our efforts, your company will become better known not only locally, but even internationally.

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