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Legal Services

This unit is for strategic reasons located within the office of the Municipal Manager.

The responsibilities of the Legal Services Unit are:

• To provide vibrant, effective and professional legal service to Council, management and staff in the discharge of their responsibilities generally;
• Provide legal advice in the formulation of by-laws, policies and procedures to ensure that the municipality complies with all relevant legislation as well as its Constitutional mandate;
• To co-operate with other spheres of government in developing sound working relations and minimise areas of dispute or potential dispute in the legal context.
• Provide advice on Labour Matters.
• Assist in land acquisition and management matters.
• Provide Contract Management.
• Enhancing organisational efficiency by establishing a corporate governance compliant environment that enables the municipality to achieve its objectives.

It does through providing the following service:
• Preparing and submission of general and specialist legal opinions to Council, management and staff;
• Identifying and researching legislation that has relevance to the municipality in order to keep abreast of developments through the use of applicable legislative and related instruments/tools;
• Assist in the drafting of Council by-laws, policies and procedures;
• Reviewing and assisting in the drafting of contracts, acknowledgements of debt, resolutions declarations, etc.;
• Providing input and comment on planned national and provincial legislation having a bearing in the Municipal sphere;
• Reviewing and assisting in the drafting of by-laws to ensure compliance with constitutional and other legislative requirements;
• Monitoring and participating in the development of the Municipal Code;
• Appearing on Council’s behalf at Court in less complex matters;
• Appearing on Council’s behalf at SALGBC/CCMA;
• Monitoring ongoing litigation by and against Council and coordinating interaction between directorates and external legal practitioners engaged by Council;
• Performing administrative and managerial tasks relating to the section and coordinating the activities of the section.

Performance indicators
• Strategies for aligning legal services with IDP objectives and requirements to address challenges within the organisation;
• Effective budget management in line with operational budget provision;
• Improvement on the quality of delivery targets and interaction with all relevant stakeholders.

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