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Human Settlements

Housing Delivery
• Over the past 10 years Newcastle Municipality and the Department of Human Settlements have actively delivered approximately 9000 units.
• Housing need in the Newcastle Municipality area is concentrated in the urban areas, and occurs as follows:
• Informal settlements located in townships of Madadeni and Osizweni as well as in close proximity to Newcastle Town (e.g. Siyahlala-la)
• Peri-urban settlements located in the JBC area. The area is poorly provided with basic services and public facilities.
• Settlements located within Ubuhlebomzinyathi area which is fast degenerating into peri-urban settlements.
• In rural centres such as Charlestown and Ingogo.
• However the demand is still very high when compared to what has been supplied at this present moment.
• Housing Backlog : approximately 67 000 units
• Housing waiting list :34 866
• In 2012/13 financial year, municipality was accredited as an Level 2 municipality in terms of housing development.

Development Vision
a) Upscale delivery on human settlements (housing delivery);
b) Secures and coordinate funding for human settlement
development; and
c) Manage development of sustainable settlements across the spectrum.

Housing Projects: Highlight on completed projects
• KwaMathukuza Housing Project – 1400 units (IA – Moteo)
• Rectification Project – Storm damaged houses
• Award – Best Women Contractor and Nationally as a 2012 Women Build Housing Project.
• Project cost – R104 Million
• Extension of KwaMathukuza Project
• To accommodate displaced tenants who were left homeless during the KwaMathukuza rectification project.
• Approximately 120 families
• Families currently resides at Transit Camp under the Provincial Department of Human Settlements.
• Application for funding still to be submitted to province
• Storm Damaged Houses – Madadeni Storm damaged project (850 units project on close out phase)
• 850 Mageba :- R26 Million
• 800 Stedone:- R29 498 400.00

Other Projects: Social Housing Project: Meadowlands
• Project by Umsunduzi Housing Association – first Social Housing Project within Newcastle Municipality – to mentor the establishment of Newcastle Housing Association.
• For income earners between R3500 – R7500.
• Project located at old Ingqayizivele Hostel with evicted occupants being relocated to H39.
• Project consist of 924 units – 180 complete and additional 180 to be completed by December 2013.
• 250 people already employed on site with 20 being disable people.
• Project to further accommodate 1500 student accommodation – Private School being planned.
• Site for Commercial Shopping Centre reserved as part of the development.
• Project will have a huge spin-off for Madadeni community.

• Project to address housing for minority groups.
• Conditional assessment study for Suryaville Municipal flats undertaken with total cost of the project sitting at R 10 551 270.
• Application for funding has been submitted to Provincial Human settlement Dept, currently being assessed for submission to HEAC.
• Project expected for approval by HEAC during Dec 13/Jan 14

Pipeline Housing Projects
• JBC Housing Phase 2 and 3
• JBC Mining Rehabilitation Project – 85 affected houses
• Soul City Insitu upgrade – 3500 units
• Vezokuhle – 1000 units
• Drycut Housing Project – 1000 units
• Bosworth Housing Rural Project – 1200 units
• Nomardien Rural Project – 250 units
• Amajuba Mountain Rural Project – 800
• Ingogo Rural Project – 500 units
• Kilbarchan Housing Project – 50 Units
• KwaMathukuza Extension – 130 Units

• Madadeni Damaged 1500 units
• Madadeni Section K – 1141
• Madadeni Section 1 (Sinking houses) – 350 units
• Osizweni Asbestors Roofs Replacement project – 1260
• Madadeni / Osizweni Upgrade Project – 20000

L2 Accreditation
• In September 2012, Newcastle Municipality was awarded a Level 2 housing accreditation status.
• As a Level 2 accredited Municipality Newcastle is now responsible for the full Programme
Management and Administration of the Human Settlement function within its area of jurisdiction.
• In April 2013 Municipality won provincial Govan Mbeki Awards 2013 for the best Level 2 Accredited Municipality in KZN.
• Subsequent it was awarded the status of being the best level 2 accredited Municipality at National level at a prestigious awards ceremony held at Gallagher Estates on June 6.

To fine tune our department … with a focus on:
• To facilitate delivery of sustainable integrated human settlements and manage efficiently and effectively construction of housing projects – Speeding up projects under construction phase and planning stage
• Finding innovative ways in dealing with issues of Sub-contractors currently posing challenge to our projects on ground. To identify strategies in dealing with projects at initial stages.
• Prioritisation and capacitation of Housing Project Implementation Unit via L2 accreditation funding – in terms of the revised and approved Organogram of the department.
• Municipality determined to provide a variety/typologies of housing opportunities to the range of households in our municipal area.

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