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Holiday programmes for Newcastle Libraries


Newcastle Library Services will be hosting holiday programmes during the December 2015 school holidays. All programmes will commence at 10h00, except for the ingagane Library where the programmes will commence at 12h00. All pre-school and primary children are welcome. Parents can call their local library for bookings.

14/12/2015 Movie Day
22/12/2015 Indoor Games
09/01/2016 Story Telling
13/01/2016 Quiz and Puzzles

14/12/2015 Glowing Beaker (Bring your own clear plastic tumbler)
22/12/2015 Painted Tile
05/01/2016 Model Theater
07/01/2016 Glinting Dagger

14/12/2015 Create a Collage Jungle
15/12/2015 Paper Mosaics
21/12/2015 Make Christmas Cards
22/12/2015 Make Christmas Decorations
23/12/2015 Rock Art
11/01/2016 Indoor Games

11/12/2015 Story Telling
14/12/2015 Art & Craft
15/12/2015 Movie Day
17/12/2015 Firendly Chess Competition
18/12/2015 Make Christmas Cards
21/12/2015 Outdoor Games
22/12/2015 Indoor Games
23/12/2015 Twister

11/12/2015 Outdoor Games
17/12/2015 Indoor Games
18/12/2015 Computer Games
21/12/2015 Movie Day
23/12/2015 Make Christmas Cards

14/12/2015 Make Christmas Decorations
15/12/2015 DVD Screening
17/12/2015 Colouring and Painting
21/12/2015 Puzzles
22/12/2015 Story Telling
23/12/2015 Make Christmas Cards

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