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Waste Management

For any waste related issues or illegal dumping please contact us.
Tel: 034 328 7724/26/47

Sithole says in order to keep responses to disasters top class the municipality is planning to purchase a new fire engine from Australia. “Our chief fire officer will be going to Australia soon to assess the truck’s suitability for our needs and if it is suitable, we plan to buy more in the coming financial years.”

According to Sithole, Newcastle has one of the most comprehensive waste management programmes in the country. Waste management is split into two divisions – litter clean up and waste collection. It is a labour-intensive procedure to keep the city clean. “We have a morning and an evening shift of people collecting litter every day. To maximise opportunities for our people the municipality has just employed another 230 young people, mostly women as part of their Extended Public Works Programme. After training, these people stand a greater chance of getting other jobs elsewhere.”
Outdated trucks were costing the municipality money. “Over the last few years we found that older

The municipality recently purchased two compactor trucks costing R1.3 million each and Sithole says another two have been budgeted for in the next budget. “These trucks are essential because un-compacted waste occupies a larger space, which requires the purchase of additional land and causes unnecessary damage to the environment. Compactor trucks collect waste throughout Newcastle and take it to the landfill site.”

A clean city with a visible daily cleaning routine makes people. “We provide bins in informal settlements and towns so people don’t have the added frustration of looking for bins to dispose of their rubbish. This helps them do their bit in not littering.”

Newcastle has been awarded the cleanest city in KwaZulu-Natal award on three occasions.

Last year Newcastle was selected as one of the top five clean and green towns in the nation. We came second to Hermanus – a sparsely populated and elite area in the Western Cape.

In the future the municipality plans to use the beneficiaries trained in the Extended Public Works Programme to roll out an environmental awareness campaign with the community. “We have identified dumping hotspots and we are going to deploy our eco-guides in these areas.” They will keep a lookout for illegal dumping and educate the community about the dangers of disposing of waste incorrectly.

For any waste related issues or illegal dumping please contact us.
Tel: 034 328 7724/26/47

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