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The Parks and Recreation Section is the Greening, Conservation and Cemetery Management section for the Newcastle Municipality. Service delivery to all members of the community is a top priority and it is for this reason that all complaints, matters and requests are dealt with promptly, efficiently and professionally.

The Parks and Recreation Section’s mandade is to provide and manage the parks, cemeteries, recreation and conservation services for and on behalf of the Newcastle Municipality.

The Parks and Recreation Section’s vision is to be the leading African Green Environment and Cemetery Management service provider within local government. This vision is aligned with the Newcastle Municipality’s IDP vision of making Newcastle an African town, competitive with world class standards in every respect.

To develop, maintain, sustain and conserve the green environment and cemeteries for present and future generations, in a safe and cost effective manner.

Core values towards our customers
• Caring
• Transparency and Communication
• Non-discrimination
• Service Excellence
• Team Work
• Competency
• Recognition
• Ethical Service
• Fun
• Ensuring a safe and healthy work environment

Services provided by the Parks and Recreation Section
• Recreation
• Development of parks, open spaces and cemeteries
• Planning
• Design and
• Landscaping
• Park utilization and management
• Environmental Conservation
• Parks, public open spaces and cemetery maintenance
• Horticulture (plant and landscaping)
• Arboriculture (tree maintenance)
• Nursery operations
• Cemeteries maintenance and development management
• Burials
• Archival records
• Training and Education

Forging good customer relations
The developmental role of local government requires municipalities and their various departments to work together with stakeholders and communities to reach sustainable solutions to meet customer needs. For this, the Parks and Recreation Section facilitates and ensures communication with all relevant stakeholders for purposes of accelerating service delivery in the development and maintenance of parks, open spaces and cemeteries.

Newcastle Municipality stakeholders include:
• Newcastle Municipality and it’s departments
• Councillors
• Communities / Customers
• Community Based Organisations (CBO’s)
• Non-Governmental Organisations
• Government Departments
• Public and put sector organizations

How to lodge a complaint / compliment or any information pertaining to the Parks and Recreation Section :
1. Phone the Parks and Recreation Section at 034 – 32 87727 or fax your complaints to 034 – 32 63975 for attention – The Divisional Head : Parks and Recreation.

2. The operator will take down the complainant’s details including name, street address, contact number(s) and detailed description of complaints / compliment. As much information as possible to avoid any delays should be submitted.

3. The operator will issue a reference number which should be kept for follow-up purposes.

What to do if no action has been taken or if complaints were not dealt with satisfactorily.
Follow up by contacting the Divisional Head : Parks and Recreation.

What complaints should be lodged at the Parks and Recreation Section?
• Long grass on pavements and sidewalks.
• All park-related problems: Illegal dumping in parks, broken equipment and fences, long grass, lack of maintenance, or anything else that needs attention in a park.
• Street tree problems: Branches overhanging streets or properties, dead trees, trees about to fall into a street or property, branches damaging walls or interfering with power lines.
• Trees play a vital role in the ecology and therefore street trees cannot just be removed at residents’ request. Should residents want a tree removed, a written request, setting out the exact location of such tree together with reasons for such request must be made. The Parks and Recreation Section will then investigate and give feedback to the resident. The removal of a tree may have financial implications for the resident.
• Any problem at the in cemeteries, e.g. sunken graves, lack of maintenance, vandalism, long grass, etc.
• Please note that trees on private properties (residential or business) are not the responsibility of the Municipality. The same principle is applicable to trees planted by residents on sidewalks/pavements.

Contact Numbers :
Divisional Head : Parks and Recreation
Tel. 034 – 32 87728
Fax. 034 – 328 7727

Assistant Horticulturist
Tel. 034 – 32 87725
Fax. 034 – 328 7727

Senior Clerk
Tel. / Fax. 034 – 32 87727

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