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Budget & Financial Reforms


The function of budgeting resides under the Budget and Treasury Office, which is headed by the SED: Budget and Treasury Office.

The budget unit is primarily responsible for the following functions:
1. Management and maintenance of an effective Budget and Treasury Office (BTO),
2. Implementation of budget reforms as envisaged by the MFMA,
3. Preparation and executive management of the multi year budgets of the municipality,
4. In-year monitoring and reporting on the municipality’s budget performance in terms of the MFMA and DoRA,
5. Reporting on Grants and Donations received by the municipality in terms of the MFMA and DoRA
6. Ensure compliance with applicable legislation and Council and Exco resolutions
7. Compilation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports and comments for submission to Council and Exco as prescribed by the MFMA,

The unit is directly accountable to the Director: Budget and Financial Reforms, who reports directly to the SED: Budget and Treasury Office (Chief Financial Officer).

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