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About Electrical & Mechanical Services

Lindile Zincume:– SED Electrical/Mechanical
Lindile is qualified as an electrical and civil engineer. He is registered as Professional Engineer and a Professional Construction Project Manager.

Together we can do it better

Newcastle Municipality commits itself to render sustainable services, promote economic growth and achieve financial stability through community participation.

Value System
Nation Building
Customer Satisfaction

Overall Function
The Electrical/Mechanical Department is responsible for the quality of services and quality of supply of Electricity within the boundaries of Newcastle Local Municipality. The department is also responsible for the procurement of all municipality’s fleet. It is also responsible for the mechanical maintenance of all municipality’s fleet which currently numbers over 300 vehicles.

Electrical Department Structure
The electrical department is divided into three sections, namely, Public Lighting, Distribution and Planning & Test. The Public Lighting section is responsible for streetlighting and high mast lighting, procurement and maintenance. The Distribution section is responsible for the full maintenance of all the electrical infrastructure within municipal boundaries.
The Planning & Test section is responsible for network planning, new service connections, capital projects management and the provision of testing services which include cable testing, substation battery testing, protection settings, etc.

Mechanical Department Structure
The mechanical department is divided into two divisions namely, Mechanical Services and Fleet Management services. The Mechanical Services section is responsible for inspections, mechanical maintenance and electrical maintenance of all the municipal fleet.
The Fleet Management section is responsible for procurement and the total cost ownership management of the municipality’s fleet.

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